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Global pandemic global scamdemic

“Most people would rather die than think” ~ Bertrand Russel

As of May 3, 2020, the tyrants have unconstitutionally shut down the US because of 66,000 alleged deaths from the virus. This is not much more than the seasonal flu.

There was a “scientism” (the religion of agenda-driven $cience) commercial on the boob tube tonight. In typical propaganda mode, they changed lies into truth, fantasy into fact. Their “fact” was that science is the ONLY WAY to solve our “problem”, which is this┬ápanic-demic. Their fact is fantasy. How? Easy. They claimed that science has “cured” diseases mankind suffers from. This is a total LIE. They are substituting the word “CURE” for “treatment”. A cure is not the same as a treatment. All the billions upon billions of disease research dollars that have been thrown at the “scientific” community has not come up with ONE SINGLE CURE. NONE! ZERO. ZIP! I defy anyone to tell me A SINGLE DISEASE THAT medical “science” has cured. I won’t even mention that they have not found a ‘cure’ for the common cold. They can’t find anything that will cure it, and they never will.

All these medical “charities’ out there are absolute frauds. You are paying these researchers to “look” for a cure (no, treatment, actually) but they will never FIND a cure. Why? Money. No profit in healthy people. Think of the millions of jobs lost. All the hospitals that would close! The TRILLIONS of dollars that drug companies would lose. Speaking of health, do you know any truly healthy people? And by healthy I mean they are not taking any drugs. Not even blood pressure medicine. I know of a healthy person who doesn’t take any drugs- me! And how do I do this? By not believing the complete B.S. spewed from that black box sitting on a stand (more like a shrine in some houses) or from the “news” papers (who get booku funding from pharmaceutical companies for their plethora of drug ads), or from M.D.s who wouldn’t know health if it bit them in their butts! I know about the Weston A Price foundation, which truly saved our health. I know about Carotec.com who sells real supplements that are not synthetic.

Almost everything we are told in the mASS media is a lie, or a partial lie with a bit of truth mixed in. A good rule of thumb is if it’s told by some talking head on a major news network (or an affiliate, which almost all are), it’s either a complete snow job or a lie with a sprinkling of truth mixed in. CBS (or as I call them See B.S.) was just caught bringing in fake patients for a fake news story about coronavirus. But trust them, they’re a “professional” news agency. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (author of “FOWL! Bird Flu, it’s not what you think”) called this manufactured pandemic the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the human race.

The elite are going for a full court press right now. They own all the media. They own the search engines (hi google).They own most if not all politicians. And, they want to own YOU. Your mind and your soul. Will you keep believing the hype? Will you continue to keep swallowing every single word out of their lying mouths? Or, will you start to use that thing behind your eyes and start to examine all the contradictions, fear porn and bald-faced deceptions they are laying on all of us 24/7? I am praying you will, because more people need to get their heads out of their televisions or we are all sunk.

Ask yourself this. Do you trust a “medical charity” owner, satanic witch lover and avowed eugenicist Bill Gates who wants to depopulate the world using vaccines? He also has a patent that implants a chip in the hand and is linked to cryptocurrency (must read for anyone who has ever read Revelation in the New Testament). Should we listen to him? Or should we actually try to critically examine his motives first? If your answer is “no” or “not really”, then ask yourself-will you continue to go along with what these vaccine “charities” and makers want for all of us- mandatory vaccination, even if the vaccines may not be safe, could possibly be contaminated with anti fertility chemicals that will make you and your children sterile, or permanently maim or kill you or your kids? Even if they don’t make them sterile, there are laws in the US that nobody can sue vaccine makers, did you know that? If not, you should do some research. But, don’t expect google or the ‘white’ search engines to give you any facts, they’ve been censoring for months, and it’s a pretty across the board censorship. Think for yourself- why would they do that? To ‘protect’ us from alternative opinions or maybe facts they don’t want us to know? Should we trust google and Facebook and their founders, who are connected to dark forces? I would suggest trying to find a truly alternative search engine that does not use google. Duckduckgo, goodgopher and start page are all censored, though I had some luck with Yippy.com.

What can we do in the interim? The satanic elite are keeping us off balance, feeding us lies while impoverishing us and using fear as the stick and the “health authorities” and their false wisdom as the carrot. I would suggest this as good reading: https://www.henrymakow.com/2020/04/what-form-should-resistance-take.html

We are all being lied to. We are all being conned. We need to truly wake up before it’s too late. And pray to God in Heaven to help us. He is our shield, do not forget Him, He doesn’t forget us. Pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Pray these evil ones who follow the devil are unmasked and defeated so their plan of global annihilation of all humans is defeated. Glory be to God. Amen!