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Are vaccines good?

Yes. They are very good. For pharmaceutical companies and doctors. They make oodles of blood money for big pharma, and make loads of sick and damaged children for doctors to get rich off of. And, doctors get kickbacks and rewards for vaccinating as many kids as possible too.

Do your OWN research before letting anyone vaccinate you or your kid. Autism rates are skyrocketing. This is the planned destruction of humanity. We are being attacked on every single front you can think of (and some you can’t think of)! Childhood cancer is either the first or second leading cause of death in children today, depending on which study you read (look up SV 40 to find out why).  50 years ago almost NO child got cancer, it was considered an old persons affliction. The GMO’s, herbicides, xenoestrogens and the thousands of other synthetic chemicals introduced into our food supplies don’t help. Peoples’ bones (including their skulls) are getting thinner (thank the SAD diet, no fat listen to the food pyramid and MyPlate government BS for that, also pasteurized un-natural milk and sugar a plenty consumption too), you can go on youtube and see kids in their 20’s having their arms get broken from just arm wrestling! Yep, that’s all! My BIL broke his leg simply from walking down a flight of stairs! No, he didn’t trip and fall, he wasn’t carrying a heavy load, he was delivering pizzas! Cell phones, WIFI, cell towers and now this planned 5G roll out is going to increase sickness and death for all living creatures.

If you want to have a healthy child or baby, you need to avoid vaccines. Look at the book by Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. called “How to Have a Healthy Child IN SPITE of your Doctor”. I recommend that if you want kids that don’t have cavities, don’t need glasses or braces on their teeth in the future and are not learning disabled, go to the Weston A Price foundation and read some of their books or listen to their free podcasts! It takes effort to raise a healthy child, but it is worth it!

Start to read Revelations in the Bible. My heart breaks for humanity at what is coming, but in the end God wins. We have to focus on that. Ask Jesus for help. He does answer prayers. If you are not a Christian, maybe you should think about becoming one. Salvation is free!

(EDIT) 11/7/2019

I didn’t want to do another new post, but apparently the vaccine fraud of “vaccines are safe and wonderful and great for all of us” does not apply to lying politicians and other types of deceiving vipers in our community. Recently another staged vaccine brainwashing attempt was held in Canada by “health” minister Christine Elliot where she got an apparently fake flu shot in a Rexall drug store to get the masses to do what she did, but instead get a real shot. What, doesn’t she believe the nut job Paul Offit that you can get 10,000 vaccines at once and  not die? The other fake attempt of getting the sheep to take the shot was at the Hollywood Emmy awards. Or Oscars. Or whatever they think is an award in Hell E. Weird these days. The question to ask is not if the vaccines are good for us (they aren’t) but why are they so HELL BENT on getting everyone to take this shot? It’s not for our health, that’s for sure.