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Is going vegan a healthy choice?

Do you want the short answer or the long answer? The short answer is NO. Being a strict vegan is not a good idea, it will not make you healthier, no matter what the politically correct and lying controlled government/media tells you. If you want the long answer you will need to look into ancient history and also keep reading. There are many lies and half-truths out there. Simply said, if you want to be healthy, do NOT follow the typical vegan or vegetarian diets. Dr. Weston A. Price searched the globe looking for healthy people’s that survived solely on plant foods. The key word here is ‘healthy‘! He did find some that survived on mostly plant foods, but even the most ‘vegan’ of them ate bugs. B.U.G.S. Creepy crawlies. Many times it was due to their harvesting methods- the bugs got into the foods by accident.

Any primitive peoples who were able to always ate the meat with the fat, and organ meats. They tried to get the most animal fat that they could find. Why? Because animal fats protect your body from many things including cancer. Wondering why cancer rates have climbed so high in the last 50 years? That is one reason.

Veganism is just about THE most unhealthy of dietary choices, except maybe a 100 percent fast food diet, and even then its up for debate. Our teeth are made for eating vegetable AND animal products. That’s why we have pointy canine teeth. We are ‘predators’, our eyes are not stuck on the side of our heads like cows and rabbits who ARE vegetarians and don’t hunt their food. Our eyes face forward like dogs, cats and other mammal predators that eat other animals. If you want to go vegan, that’s your choice. Oh, but don’t think you are ‘saving the planet’, just read the book “The World According to Monsanto” by Marie-Monique Robin. If you think ‘saving the planet’ means eating boatloads of soybeans from fields that contaminate everything they are near, think again.

Keep this in mind– some vegetarian animals do something that human vegans probably don’t do (at least I sure hope they don’t!). Rabbits, after they eat, poop out these black nuggets. And guess what? They then EAT THEM. Cows and many other ruminant vegetarians with compartmentalized stomachs throw up their food (regurgitate it) and then chew it a bunch before swallowing it again. If you want to be a real “vegan” animal, then why aren’t you doing that? Even vegetarian animals have a hard time digesting all the cellulose of plant matter.

Long term vegetarians and vegans eventually suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They also many times get IBS, caries (cavities), anemia and can go crazy thanks to B-12 deficiencies. It is impossible to get B-12 from plant foods, even if they have B-12 in them. And, if you have to get a shot of B-12, they derive the shot from animal sources. They also rely on soy foods for their ‘protein’, which carries with it a host of problems on it’s own (aluminum contamination, GMO sprayed with glyphosate, depresses thyroid function, it monkeys with children’s hormone levels- that is bad by the way, etc).

So, before you just believe the advice of some famous ‘expert’ in nutrition, please do your research.