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Why Wifi is dangerous.

Basically all “wireless” transmission of EMF is not healthy.  But, carrying your cellphone in your pocket messes with your entire body. In 2017 there was a small study done by researchers (this was reported in a Weston A. Price quarterly journal) that showed just having the phone in your pocket or backpack disturbs your red blood cells. Using live blood microscopy, they found a “roleaux” pattern. This means the red blood cells were clumping into a ‘rope’ type configuration. When the cellphone was being used, there was a different pattern to the blood cells. Instead of clumping together, the blood cells looked more like eggs frying in a pan. The edges of the blood cells were “frazzled” looking instead of well defined.

In the 1980’s, you could find research articles about the dangers of wireless power. In the book, “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker, he talks about the danger of wireless phone technology on the human body, which back then was not prevalent. Today, you will have a hard time finding real research, mostly because wireless communication companies don’t want to fund research that shows their products may cause cancer and other health problems.  Wireless power is basically microwave radiation. With microwave ovens (which should never ever be use) they are shielded. This isn’t just to keep the microwaves in, bouncing all over the place to “cook” the food. It’s also to keep the waves from hitting humans and making them get sick or burned. Now, if this is what microwaves do to your breakfast burrito, what do you think happens when you’re in your metal and glass car and talk on your cellphone? The waves bounce all over your car (and go through you too, especially your brain and reproductive organs).  It’s like riding in a microwave.

If you want to hear what one of the experts has to say about EMR from wifi and other sources, research Barrie Trower. He was in the Royal Navy as a microwave weapons expert.

I’ve told everyone I know (that has a cellphone or Ipad) about the dangers, but without exception they all still use them! I cringe when I see pregnant women walking around with them, or even worse, letting their toddlers have them to play with.

So, please if you can, get rid of your cellphone or Ipad. Don’t give them to your kids!