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Remedies for tick bites and infections

If I got bitten by a tick, say the deer tick that carries Lyme disease, I would use raw garlic to keep from getting sick. I’ve used raw garlic for many bacterial infections and it works for us. I actually did get bitten by a tiny tick, a ‘deer tick’. As soon as I could, I minced up 3 cloves of raw garlic. I then let them sit 15 minutes for the compounds in the garlic to mingle. I ate them with food every 12 hours. I did this for about 5 days and so far I have not noticed any symptoms of Lyme disease.  This happened late in the summer of this year, so far so good.

I’ve also used raw garlic to get rid of a nasty bacterial ear infection. With garlic I noticed that the earlier you start eating the garlic the better. I make sure to take it for another day after I notice the symptoms are gone.

My significant other also used garlic when he got a painful skin infection called cellulitis. He got the infection two times, the first time he went and got an expensive antibiotic. The infection came back again later and so he tried the garlic cure. It worked!

The great thing about garlic is, it will not be obsolete, it can’t become ineffective. It has to do with gram positive and gram negative bacteria and garlic’s ability to overcome that.

God put garlic on the Earth for man to use for making food taste yummy and to get rid of bad bacteria.

If I would happen to get any nasty skin infections such as MRSA or a flesh eating bacteria, I would use raw honey topically (on the skin). If you can get Maranuka honey even better. But raw honey is excellent at healing these nasty infections. I would also use raw garlic at the same time just to be safe. So far I avoid antibiotics except those supplied naturally by the earth.

If at all possible, to keep your immune system functioning, avoid as much as possible sugar (especially GMO sugar beet sugar and glyphosate sprayed cane sugar) if you are prone to get infections.

If I had symptoms of Lyme disease, I would take a course of garlic for at least 2 months. Vitamin C (real C in citrus fruits for example) help the body rid itself from bacteria and viruses. Eat the garlic with food so it is easier on your stomach. Mallow tea (from marsh mallow leaves or roots) is easy on the stomach but it can interfere with drug absorption so I would take it 1/2 hour after eating garlic.