Covid and wifi and roundup oh my!

When I tell people about the dangers of any EMF source (smart meters, cellphones, WiFi) and that it can cause a rainbow of side effects including flu-like symptoms, they typically bury their head in the sand, either by ignoring me, attacking me verbally or thinking I’m silly or just a bit crazy. Or all of the above! I usually don’t even get to the fact they are like Abombs on poles. Then if I add that exposure to RoundUp (which is sprayed on most non-organic grains and sugar cane) can cause IBS and cancer (yet they are still selling it in stores, but make sure to wear your mask that doesn’t work!), or covid-1984 is more likely to get you if you ingest RoundUp and are exposed to EMR, they get all googly-eyed and imitate ostriches. The link to PBS (Pure Bull Sh*t) of course spins the news in its favor, not daring to expose the fact that farm workers are exposed to high levels of pesticides and herbicides like RoundUp! Seeing that EMR as well as RoundUp are both potential sources of cancer, and that one of the symptoms of exposure to microwaves is “flu-like symptoms“, then maybe the avoidance of all these things can help keep you healthier than the general population? I’d say definitely. Not being a vegan can help, since that is a good way to ingest lots of non-food additives and gross stuff like soy, which is a major thyroid suppressor and source of female estrogen like hormones. Not to mention that it’s not properly fermented (needs to be for a year) and most is GMO. Also soy gives guys ‘man boobs’. Buddhist monks ate soy so that they would not think of sex. Maybe that is why there is so much clamor for “Viagra”? Anyway I’m going off the initial subject, but just check out the links here to find ways to avoid EMR, most is common sense like get rid of satellite TV dishes, if you can opt out of the smart meter and go back to analog, switch to a corded land line and Ethernet, and avoid using your deathphone as much as possible. And if possible, try to stop just blindly trusting the official message especially from Bill and Mel Gates (who is an ugly man), which is usually if not always nowadays agenda driven propaganda!

3 thoughts on “Covid and wifi and roundup oh my!”

  1. Hi! We just found out Canada is already using 5G for internet and DV (DevilVision) services! The less we have in our homes the better! But that said, as for the food we eat, true believers will simply have to trust God to make it safe and nutritious, (providing we can even get any!!), because the chemtrails poison everything from above, and we simply cannot avoid it.

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    1. DevilVision, I love it. So appropriate! Did you see that Bill Gates of Hell is now trying to get a program to spray dust in the air to combat global warming? Here I thought it was um, climate change due to all the cow farts in the atmosphere! Oh I guess that means the sun is getting hotter now? So conspiracy “theory” is now factual, apparently.

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