they never shut up about the coronavirus- why not?

Because besides the propaganda rule that the more you repeat a lie the more people believe it is in force. Not only that but it’s also to cover up how it’s destroying businesses all over the world and making people homeless. Over a virus that isn’t worse than a normal flu. Here’s a great article about how the sheeple have been dumbed down and duped. And here is an update, Bill Gates of Hell and his she-male “wife” Melinda are seen here doing another prediction on the next pandemic perhaps they have something sneaky up their sleeves again- don’t forget Bill Gates had that  “Event 201” rehearsal for the plague he’s trying to foment on a global scale.

3 thoughts on “they never shut up about the coronavirus- why not?”

    1. Thanks, CW! At least some churches are fighting back, in New York they got Gov. Homo to back down, he wanted to limit church people to like 10 or 15 people only! I have a bone to pick with all the churches who are making their members wear masks, under the umbrella of “obeying authority”! Yet we are not to live in a spirit of fear, yet they are blind to that one! We are not to obey authorities who go against God either, are they going to be calling themselves Christians and take a vaccine that has ingredients that have aborted baby cell lines in them?

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      1. Ya exactly, chemtrails! Those powers that be really have no authority, only power. God gives real authority, and only to those who walk in his Spirit.

        One thing the Lord showed me this morning: reading Exodus 1, where Pharoah commanded the Hebrew midwives to kill all male babies, but they simply did not because they feared God; they didn’t even tell Pharoah they wouldn’t. Later, when called up for their disobedience, they gave their reason for not doing it. The Lord showed me that his people must simply and quietly refuse to comply with these unlawful orders which go contrary to the word of God, and when called up for the reason, to say, “God commands us not to fear, and we will obey God rather than men!” Other instances where God’s people quietly disobeyed are: Daniel, Shandrach, Meshach and Abednego, and the disciples when they were threaetened and commanded not to preach in the name of Jesus anymore. They all continued to obey God in the fear of God, and yes, the so-called churches that just roll over and do whatever the government tells them to do are nothing but cowards. We have an obligation to break unlawful rules!

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