JP apologizes to facebook, lol!

This is SO FUNNY! I don’t know who JP was until I saw this video, but it is priceless and so funny (and true). Take a few minutes and watch it. This guy is a riot. I also use blue blockers to screen out dangerous man made blue light, especially since everyone on earth seems to want to use those infernal blue lights today.  Oh, and as  a post script, Robert F Kennedy Jr. tells how Fauci operates.

Covid and wifi and roundup oh my!

When I tell people about the dangers of any EMF source (smart meters, cellphones, WiFi) and that it can cause a rainbow of side effects including flu-like symptoms, they typically bury their head in the sand, either by ignoring me, attacking me verbally or thinking I’m silly or just a bit crazy. Or all of the above! I usually don’t even get to the fact they are like Abombs on poles. Then if I add that exposure to RoundUp (which is sprayed on most non-organic grains and sugar cane) can cause IBS and cancer (yet they are still selling it in stores, but make sure to wear your mask that doesn’t work!), or covid-1984 is more likely to get you if you ingest RoundUp and are exposed to EMR, they get all googly-eyed and imitate ostriches. The link to PBS (Pure Bull Sh*t) of course spins the news in its favor, not daring to expose the fact that farm workers are exposed to high levels of pesticides and herbicides like RoundUp! Seeing that EMR as well as RoundUp are both potential sources of cancer, and that one of the symptoms of exposure to microwaves is “flu-like symptoms“, then maybe the avoidance of all these things can help keep you healthier than the general population? I’d say definitely. Not being a vegan can help, since that is a good way to ingest lots of non-food additives and gross stuff like soy, which is a major thyroid suppressor and source of female estrogen like hormones. Not to mention that it’s not properly fermented (needs to be for a year) and most is GMO. Also soy gives guys ‘man boobs’. Buddhist monks ate soy so that they would not think of sex. Maybe that is why there is so much clamor for “Viagra”? Anyway I’m going off the initial subject, but just check out the links here to find ways to avoid EMR, most is common sense like get rid of satellite TV dishes, if you can opt out of the smart meter and go back to analog, switch to a corded land line and Ethernet, and avoid using your deathphone as much as possible. And if possible, try to stop just blindly trusting the official message especially from Bill and Mel Gates (who is an ugly man), which is usually if not always nowadays agenda driven propaganda!

they never shut up about the coronavirus- why not?

Because besides the propaganda rule that the more you repeat a lie the more people believe it is in force. Not only that but it’s also to cover up how it’s destroying businesses all over the world and making people homeless. Over a virus that isn’t worse than a normal flu. Here’s a great article about how the sheeple have been dumbed down and duped. And here is an update, Bill Gates of Hell and his she-male “wife” Melinda are seen here doing another prediction on the next pandemic perhaps they have something sneaky up their sleeves again- don’t forget Bill Gates had that  “Event 201” rehearsal for the plague he’s trying to foment on a global scale.

The Rat Society

Ah! It’s so refreshing to see our “free” country beginning to turn into a communist one. Case in point- the rat, the stool pigeon, the fink-many terms that refer to the backbone of a successful communist society and the bane of a free one  (I know, it’s a contradiction in terms, there is no such thing as a successful communist society).  Thanks to our public restroom school system, the easily duped kiddies are not just being taught to unthinkingly obey authority, they are now taught to rat out their parents and loved ones to the state via the school system.  Isn’t this something to be thankful for after Thanksgiving? Little Susie’s apparatchik teacher is just “following orders” when teech marks off Susie’s family with others who dared defy the unconstitutional ban on multi family gatherings (whatever that means) and whatever else they wanted to deem “illegal” during this flu season.  Never mind that this is illegal (if I am correct the mask/quarantine ‘laws’ violate the 9th and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution), it is fostering the bad habit of valuing the “authority”-whoever and whatever it is at the time- above all else. This is being brought in by Republicans like Vermont Governor Phil Scott,  as well as Democrats like  Oregon Governor Kate Brown who wants the cops called on gatherings of more than 6. I guess everyone is safe if it’s “6”. Why not 13?  I suppose these devil worshippers really like the number 6. And 33.  Guv Scott threatened that he had a lot of “tools” he could use in his toolbox if the virus keeps spreading. Since Gov. Scott IS a tool of the establishment, he knows what he’s talking about.  He keeps saying the tired old lies that this virus will end “soon”: quote, “But there is light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll get there,” he wrote. “The sacrifices we make today and in the next few weeks will ensure we get to the end faster, stronger and in a better position than any other state.” More pure filtered BS from another lying politician.

So take a page from what New Yorkers did when Mayor Bill Blab-meister de Blasio  tried to get them to rat on their friends and neighbors.