Things my tv taught me

(Or stuff I learned from the media) 1) We can only have an honest discussion when all news is completely censored. Any alternative views will just be dangerous to discuss. 2) Only scientists who appear on mainstream news are to be trusted. All others are quacks. NO exceptions! 3) If you heard about something from another news “source” other than the official ones, then it’s automatically a conspiracy theory. 4) Masks work! Use them 24 hours a day. Sleep, exercise, eat and drive with them on. Of course Dr. Fauci says they don’t work, which only means that they do work, unless they don’t. 5) Science as it is reported in the MSM is completely absolutely INFALLIBLE. It is the Gospel Truth. It is immutable as the Law of Gravity. Anyone who dares to question this is either a kook, dangerous or wants to give you coronavirus, or all three. 6) Bill Gates wants to help you. Even though he wants to get rid of a lot of the population using vaccines, that’s OK because he said he wants to help mankind, so he must be telling the truth because he’s on TV even though he also said on video that he wants to get rid of much of the population using vaccines. 7) NO THINKING ALLOWED. That could be dangerous (see first point, above). 8) Disregard anything that people say because unless an official “Scientist” or the TV says it, it’s totally wrong. Only the “experts” are right, all the time. Every time. Unless they aren’t, NO EXCEPTIONS! 9) People were unhealthy until we all were forced to wear masks and be socially distant. Now everyone who follows the directions is ‘safe’ even when the number of cases are going up which is reported in the MSM ad nauseam every single DAY! 10) If you trust your own opinions instead of the things the TV tells you, then you are wrong. Thinking for yourself is dangerous. Only trust the experts for everything every time. Because they don’t have hidden agendas or are bought off or bribed or threatened. That only happens with “other people”. These people are holy and blameless and trustworthy! They don’t make a cent off of this. Except Paul Offit, who owns vaccine patents. Oh and drug companies who stand to gain billions. Oh and their shareholders. But nobody else, WE PROMISE! 11) There are no hidden agendas in this massive propaganda campaign never before seen in human history. Any other theories are totally false. Do not question the narrative! 12) Unless what is going on can be explained in a 6 word sentence or less, it’s too complicated and WRONG. Only simple answers are true. 13) Logic and free thinking is DANGEROUS! If you don’t believe what the TV says, you are either stupid, ignorant or both. Only brilliant people believe what their TV tells them without thinking. 14) Vaccines work. ALL the TIME! Unless you are vaccinated and come across an unvaccinated person, then YOU the vaccinated person are AT RISK!! But otherwise they work, all the time, EVERY TIME. 15) Do not listen to your ‘inner voice’ or ‘gut instinct’. Believe the TV….believe the TV…believe the TV….(repeat every second of the day until your brain falls out) 16) Even though people are dying because they listen to the experts and eat and drink what the experts tell them and then are fat, sickly and can barely function, we are so much healthier than previous generations, even though we aren’t and more children are dying before their parents than at any time in the history of our country. 17) Only info from MSM sources are factual, any contrary stuff is just not true. 18) Remember we live in a FREE COUNTRY! Wear your mask OR ELSE!