Global censorship

So I went to to see what the Ministry of censors would do today. I first put in “plandemic”, and all I got was an “official” Wikipedia piece about the plandemic being a tinfoil hat party.

Then I put in, “global censorship of all alternative viewpoints” and got the following link:

Coronavirus Censorship: Social Media Companies Partner With WHO To Censor Info

One of the nice things about the abovementioned website is, they show a photo of the WHO’s logo. A big ol’ SNAKE that is slithering over the ‘web’ or ‘net’ on our world. Now this is not the snake that is taken from Moses’s deal with the magicians in the Old Testament. This snake is the one who is hiding before he morphs into a big ol’ RED DRAGON mentioned in Revelations. This is Satan, but of course it’s in disguise as a nice snake WHO wants to help people. Satan is the best deceiver EVER. That is how he gets well meaning people to do his bidding, all the while destroying as much as he can and getting people to head to Hell.

Censorship does not exist in a truly free society. It exists in controlled societies like China, North Korea, and every country on earth, including the USA. How can we be free with censorship? We can’t. We aren’t. It is a fallacy to think that we are living in a free country. We’re only as ‘free’ as they let us be. This plandemic is proof of that. Stop believing the official lie. Start using the brain God gave you and think! This is not about a virus that they made in a lab, it is about total control of everyone, and the illuminati having total control over us is not a good thing. Especially when their frontman is Bill Gates, an avowed eugenicist who wants to get rid of population growth using vaccines.


2 thoughts on “Global censorship”

  1. That logo resembles the one from the United Nations, too, doesn’t it, with it’s laurel leaves around the sides. Yes, total slavery is what they want for us, and Covid-19(84) has been the CON JOB used to achieve it a lot faster!

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