Do as I say not as I do

This was from who got it from “FunnyDemocrats” via youtube.I suggest you watch before youtube censors it.

Media Caught Removing Masks When Cameras Shut Off

Media hypocrites of course. As soon as they think the cameras are off, the masks come off all the media fear porn pushers too. And, you can see Lori Lightfoot (Mayor of Chicago and big time proponent of others wearing masks– not her) does not have a mask on and is GASP! closer than 6 feet to another man not wearing a mask.

Please spread the word, this is the only way some people will “get it”- to see that we are in a global con artists dream world!

Off topic, where did the usual “flu” and “common cold” go this year? Did they just disappear or are they now lumped together as “covid-19”?

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