Pandemic produces police state

One of the many things this man made panic pandemic is being used for is to usher in a massive bureaucracy of nitwits, do-gooders and patsies to help destroy our rights under the guise of “helping us”. And of course, as we know, only Good Things come out of California, as evidenced in this terrifyingly true article by Spiro Skouras on

Another thing that is happening is the appearance of what communist leaders in Russia deemed “useful idiots”. These are all lumped together as snitches, rats, stool pigeons, finks and “enforcement” types (appointed or not) who are making everyone to go along with the pandemic “rules” that our fearful leaders seem to think trump the US Constitution. Apparently just rule something a public health crisis and this automatically suspends any rights we have. These ‘do-gooders” who have no real grasp of the situation they are trying to pigeonhole us into are the bureaucrat wannabes who make YOU wear a mask. The only worse thing than one of those are the ones who are going the “extra mile” by enforcing rules that even the Constitution subverting governors haven’t put in place. There is a grocery store that is doing that, which is similar in name to say, Giant Beagle. If you have asthma or any breathing problems like COPD or emphysema, DO NOT SHOP THERE. They will force you to wear a mask over your nose. Other stores DO NOT DO THIS. If you want to feel like your oxygen is getting cut off, shop there. The apparatchiks that act as store managers or lesser drones will come up to you and force you to put your mask on totally, or make you wait outside or leave the store. Oh, they also have rent-a-cops stationed at the entrances too! All under the guise of “safety”, never mind the masks do not really help. They do help decrease your air supply (which is why it’s so hard to breathe with them on). And, not being able to breathe isn’t a good thing. Any store that has a big police presence or rent-a-cop presence, I hope you boycott them too.

4 thoughts on “Pandemic produces police state”

  1. It’s impossible for even saved Christians to not sin. If we do we are to pray for forgiveness for our errant ways. Even if we are saved, we are still human and still sin, though we should try to not do it because God will not look upon sin. We are to ask God/Christ for forgiveness.


  2. How does one “like” such a dismal article? But thank you for sharing it. So many still believe they can take up arms and stop this thing, but they are wrong, I’m afraid… The bible gives us the truth about the time we live in, and it is called “the end”.

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    1. I know, but you never know, from what I’ve been hearing (not the mainstream media) people are truly “sick” of this scamdemic. Throughout human history most of the times for true change to happen people have to be deprived of many things before they react. Though I know about “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and how we are totally controlled. I am praying to the LORD for help, that I may do what He wills, and that my ego or sinfulness does not get in the way. I’m praying for all humanity, even the ones who are willingly or unwittingly doing the evil one’s bidding.
      In Ecclesiastes 1:18

      “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

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      1. But as Christians, we are not to have any “ego or sinfulness”, as you mentioned. If we are born again, the “self” is supposed to be crucified. Read Romans 6. We are supposed to have a divine nature, read 2 Peter 1(I think). If Christ lives in us, we are dead, and Christ does not sin, so neither should we. Only then will God hear our prayers. Read Isaiah 59.

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