Pandemic confusion

They should call it the panDumbic.

The loads of contrary advice out there should be making people roll on the floor, laughing their bottoms off. Case in point. Some retailers out there, like Wallyworld for example, are refusing returns on crap bought in their stores. I guess their rationale is that it might be (GASP!)…CONTAMINATED! With a  VIRUS!!! Horror of horrors!
As a former worker at Wallyworld (one of the worst places I ever was unfortunate to work at), I did stocking at the store. Let me tell you, the shipping boxes (almost all of them had “made in China” emblazoned on them) were absolutely FILTHY. Dirt encrusted. Now. Don’t you think that maybe we should wonder if the stuff from China is contaminated with a virus? After all, China hates the USA (yet we do a massive amount of importing from them, have done it for decades, to the detriment of businesses which closed in droves years ago).
What would keep them from contaminating the crap they’re shipping all over the world? After all, Communism doesn’t like the truth. They have propaganda they make the brainwashed masses believe is “the real thing”, just like in the USA where the brainwashed masses believe everything that PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, et cetera say. Only difference is that they will say you are a thought criminal, throw you in prison and then harvest your organs. We aren’t there- yet.

So, one article I read said that the virus can live for 18 days on surfaces. Then, later they claim that “it’s okay, no it only lives a few hours”. Which is it? They can’t even keep their lies straight! Before that, they had some surgeon general say that people should not wear masks unless they’re sick. Now the “experts” say everyone should wear them! Oh, and some were saying that it is spread in the air. Later they said that even if you wear a mask it can still get in if it’s not some “special mask” that surgeons wear. So, we’re forced to wear masks that may not even work, under threat of arrest and imprisonment, or at the very least we won’t be allowed to get food (assuming you even have money to buy food to begin with). Seeing as the authorities are fudging statistics and declaring people dead of the virus even if they didn’t die of it, why should we just blindly believe everything they say? THEY don’t even know themselves! This is the biggest con-job the world has ever seen. Pray to the Lord for discernment.

There are really two different types of “science” out there- regular and agenda-driven. Regular science does what science should- find out what makes things tick, and figure out solutions to problems. Agenda-driven science on the other hand is a “follow the money” industry. It’s not real science, it’s pay for results you want science. This is almost always funded by the government, pharmaceutical companies or special interests that want specific results from their researchers. With agenda science, you get fake science. Today government and big pharma as it’s called walk hand in hand. They are basically the same thing. If a researcher gets a grant and is funded by the govt./pharma company and does not get the result they want, their funding goes bye bye. They also can get ostracized by their peers and even fired or worse. Just read “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker to see what happens when researchers don’t fall in line.

As this very timely, prescient and excellent article by Bretigne Shaffer from 2016 from illustrates, the mainstream media calls the shots and tells people what and how they are supposed to think. If that isn’t a perfect example of how propaganda works, then I don’t know what is.

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