Chemtrails stink- literally.

About a month or so ago, I went outside and it smelled bad. Like a catalytic converter on Japanese cars can stink when you get behind them in traffic. It’s a sort of nasty peroxide smell that some hair dyes used to emit. It was pretty gross so I went back inside. A few days later, I was talking to someone who lived about 50 miles away. They said they had smelled it too, so it wasn’t just some traffic stench. This person lives far off any main road in their area. So, what are they spraying?

I’ve smelled other stenches related to chemtrails. The one stink is pretty odious, it smells like pus or a lung infection- that’s as close as I can get to describe it. Years ago I got pneumonia. After I got over it which took months, I would hack up nasty stuff, which stunk just like some of these chemtrails do. Years ago in the 1990’s, there was an episode on “Unsolved Mysteries” with Robert Stack. This episode they talked about these fighter planes that were seen “chasing” something over the Oregon coast. Or maybe it was Washington State. Anyway, soon after a storm blew in and started raining these clear gobs of stuff. A police officer was on patrol and pulled into a gas station. He saw the stuff on his car and put some gloves on to wipe it off. Another lady went outside while it was still dark and saw this stuff on her lawn. She got a jar and saved some of it. Once the sun came up, this clear goop evaporated like the wicked witch of the west. About 18 hours later, both of these people got violently ill. The daughter of the woman thought it was due to the goopy clear stuff that her mom had touched. She took it to the hospital and they analyzed it. The girl said they claimed it was very strange, and that it had white blood cells in the stuff. There were other strange things in it like DNA. Soon after the lab “lost” the sample. Ultimately, nobody knew what the clear stuff was.

People had been posting it on youtube, but once they got taken over by g00gle, they pulled all the videos people posted. So what are they trying to hide, that this is some bioweapon they’re spraying on us?

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