Censorship on the web? You bet!

Notwithstanding the fact that “net” and “web” are words relating to capturing and holding things like animals, people and insects, the so called “white” search engines are completely censored. After reading “Architects of Deception” by Juri Lina (excellent book by the way, I highly recommend getting it from him) I figured I’d do a search on the “faked Apollo moon landing”. Well, I went to startpage and typed the “faked moon landing” in. I got results but they were all by establishment sites like Wikipedia and snopes that all said there was no faked moon landing.  I tried “moon landing hoax” and got the same thing. I then went and paged into the results, I went to page 2, 3, 4, 5. They started repeating the same results I got in the first page, which was nothing of value. I could not find a single one that mentioned anything about the moon landing hoax. So, I tried duckduckgo. Same thing, and same results, basically every hit was a “there was no moon landing hoax, only crazies think that” rationale. So, I tried “goodgopher” that natural news claims is (ha ha) non-biased. After page 4 I happened on a “good article”, that was talking about Stanley Kubrick who in Lina’s book was part of the “illuminati” fronts. So  I kept reading. Then at the end of the article, it said, “APRIL FOOLS”. Yeah, ha ha. I ran across an article that said any searches that are to be done and actually get real results you have to go on the “dark web”. Sounds spooky! They warned that you are more prone to ransomware if you do dip your tootsies in the murky waters, but there are more possibilities in these search engines. Forget evilgoogle and yahoo, you may as well talk to the wall in those cases since they are the ones who initially started all this censorship in the first place.

I just read a good article from Activist Post, where the Zionist freemason controlled governments are using this coronavirus to advance their agendas, one of them is (of course) getting rid of “fake news” (except their fake news- that’s the official lie and we all better believe it or else!) using censorship of course. As William Casey, Reagan’s intelligence chief was alleged to have said:“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” They just can’t STAND that alternative information is leaking out! Just look at what they did to Julian Assange! They want unthinking drones to just believe every lie that drips out of their treacherous mouths. Much of the time, if you hear something from the official sources, believe the exact opposite, and it’ll be true. Ask God for discernment and then listen for “the still small voice” to guide you. Consider becoming a true Christian if you are not one already. Because ultimately, no matter what happens, God wins. To be on the winning side, you need to not follow the easy way out because the road to hell is a gentle slope and the road sure is wide! Sincerely ask Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to come into your life, believe, repent, confess His name and be baptized. Read the New Testament, it is the best guide out there on how to live.

Regarding the coronavirus, I read a great article on it on realhistorychannel.org where they dispute the official lies…er I mean story. One starts to wonder about the “crisis” and if it’s a huge smokescreen to take away our rights. Remember folks, the term “conspiracy theory” was supposedly a term the CIA thought up decades ago.

One thought on “Censorship on the web? You bet!”

  1. “Easy believism” is not the way to becoming a true Christian. One must be born again, a supernatural gift of God, upon genuine repentance and putting ALL sin in the past (Romans 3:25) for ever, never to be repeated (Hebrews 6:early on, and Hebrews 10:26 & 2 Peter 2:end) One must die to self and the world (Galatians 6:14) and live henceforth unto God in righteousness and true holiness. A 180 degree turn from what one was, to what one becomes in the Lord — I am crucified with Christ, nevertheles I live, yet not I, but CHRIST LIVETH IN ME… (Gal. 2:20). In Christ is NO DARKNESS AT ALL… 1 John 1. Read also 1 John 3:8 & 9. Christ does not sin, therefore, to be born again means to live JUST LIKE CHRIST, in obedience to the Father, without sinning in any way we know. Being a true Christian is not just a simple mouth confession of his name; it is a complete life confession of his nature in us. A new creature. Old things passed away, all things become new.


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