Store Closings-another step towards 666?

I was just perusing some factoids about all the coming store closings and “downsizing” for over 60 retailers in the USA, most are having trouble treading water thanks to “e-commerce”, and- rarely stated- a seriously tanking economy. Little mentioned also is the reality of Amazon (an NSA affiliate most likely) undercutting prices and seeming to have a monopoly on retail sales as well as food sales (think Whole Foods). Then there is the lack of quality from “globally sourced” goods (Cheap Chines Crap), which means you keep buying crap that barely works or doesn’t work, and you end up spending even more money, but that’s the subject of another article.

This is just another step, more like a giant leap towards technological transformation of the way we buy and sell. You can’t pay with cash at Amazon, at least not online. You can’t even send them a check. The warning signs are here. We need to as individuals to stop taking the easy way out. Use your brain, not your mouth- stop ordering from NSA connected Alexa or Google voice or whatever the dang spying mechanism is called. You’re paying to be spied on and tracked. It’s like the movie “Brazil” almost, except there you had to pay for your own government sponsored torture. We aren’t there…yet. Start walking into stores and buying items with CASH. Use cash to buy gas too! Stop being lazy and don’t pay for everything with your phone. The mark of the Beast will appear once cash is eliminated. They’ve already been attempting to do this already, in the city of Pittsburgh there was a restaurant that was refusing to take cash. They ended up abandoning that, but this is the road to enslavement people. As long as there are still stores you can go into, use cash. If you don’t, the trip towards hell will be a lot quicker.

Don’t let the TV do your thinking for you. The mass media is always trying to denigrate the “old fashioned” way of doing things, but that is because they have less control over this way of life. The kept media is always pushing all this fast, modern slick way of doing things, but they are not doing it just for convenience, there is an ulterior motive, global enslavement and the rise of the Antichrist. Why do you think the Rothschilds and Rockefellers were so interested in taking over the banking industry and sneakily creating the Federal Reserve? Control.

Anyone who thinks it’s much “smarter” to do everything like paying for groceries and bills online or with their phone is not thinking at all. They are either willfully ignorant, short sighted or just totally blind to the reality of what this will lead to. Once the cash society is out of the way, there will be no stopping them. Once you give over your autonomy and power (and it is power to have cash), we are all sunk, at least in the material world. For those who do not believe in God or Christ, they won’t be too sad to see the way of the dollar bill go the way of the dodo. They’ll happily sign over their soul to Mr. Dee Evil. They will also be condemned, but when they wake up and figure that out, it’ll be too late. Resist going cashless! It is one of the big signs of Revelations. For anyone who has not read Revelations, I suggest you get a copy of the New Testament study edition. It may just save your soul, which is even more valuable than any cash amount out there!

No matter what the future holds, do not give up and get depressed. Ask the Lord for help with whatever you need, He is our shield and our Savior. In God we trust – at least that is still on the money!

The connection of 666 to Multinational Businesses.

For awhile I have been aware of the hidden luciferian/Zionist freemason symbols that are incorporated into the sometimes inscrutable logo designs of certain popular businesses.  Like the Taco Bell (or more like Taco Baal?) hidden 666’s, the “Saturn” rings around the collars of Nationwide Insurance, AAA, Universal Pictures, even the “Saturn” car line from General Motors. (see Illuminati symbols website here: ).

Besides the obvious sneakiness and secret signs to others who are “in the know” about the true meanings of these symbols, just why else would they even bother with this? Why else would they want to have these admittedly sometimes stupid looking symbols for their companies? Then I was given the answer: their cashless society attempt. With “competition” being what it is in our current society today, it wouldn’t be much of a leap to see what could happen once the evil behind our global financial systems (ACHOOOOOOZIONISTFREEMASONS!!!) and the evil behind the evil corporate global businesses unite to drive any competition either out of business or into a take over. This has been happening for  years, not to mention the attempted destruction of real stores and the drive towards online sales with their usually resultant cashless only demand. Just try to pay with a check at Amazon, good luck. There are a plethora of examples so I won’t go into details.

So what are we to do? If you can, and it can be difficult or almost impossible to do it, but try to patronize small stores and local businesses and pay with cash or even checks. Ditch the big banks (most have illuminati symbols on them anyway, like the First national banks with their falling star (the fall of Satan?), go with credit unions instead. Stop using credit cards. Stay away from Cryptocurrency, Bill Gates has a patent that involves a chip and cryptocurrency and the patent has 666 in the number. Do not use your phone to pay your bills!! This is a BIG NO NO. Besides being incredibly insecure, it’s another slippery little slope towards the 666 mark. I’ve already seen examples of the negative media driven attitude of people who denigrate those who (GASP!) don’t have a cellphone or even a (GASPGASP!) computer at their house! May the blind see that this is another way the media is controlling us, they’re doing our “thinking” for us and telling us what our opinions are supposed to be. This has been going on since TV was invented. It’s only getting much much worse. It’s not just TV, it’s all the types of media, even books are pathetically falling in line with the party lie. I mean “line”.

Also, and this is most important: assess your spiritual direction. See if you are right with God in your life. In the Bible we are to take refuge in Christ our Redeemer and Savior and do the will of the Father, God. Trust in God for deliverance. Nobody knows when the antichrist will rear his ugly horned head, but if Pope Francis the false prophet is any indicator, it may be sooner than later. The whole world is sliding towards the net the so called “illumined ones” are setting out for us all. If you have never read the New Testament or Revelations, you may want to give it a whirl. There is much prophecy about what is due to happen when the Beast claims the world (temporarily) for himself. Modern technology is keeping pace with prophecy. How else could the entire world see when the two witnesses for God are slain, left out on the streets for 3 days and then suddenly resurrected by God Himself to come up into Heaven? There has never been an opportunity in human history for this to be able to be seen by all.

The next time you pay for a barcode wrapped pack of gum or a bean burrito from Taco Baal with your cell phone, ask yourself- will YOU take the mark? Or will you have the name of God written on you, to save yourself and your soul from damnation that the mark will bring? How strong is your faith, will you give up all your property and refuse the mark of the beast, Lucifer? As Jesus said, do not fear those who kill the body, but He who can destroy both body and soul. That is God Almighty. I pray you are on the right side. Give all glory to God.