Resource page on health issues

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite awhile. This is not an exhaustive list, but only something that might help you. This information has helped me immensely. As with everything in life, go with your “inner guidance”, “small voice” or “gut instinct” when deciding on any course of action.  This is being “built” and is not complete (yet) so check back occasionally. If you’re lucky I’ll even put it in alphabetical order! 🙂

~ Cure tooth decay (yes it truly is possible!) also check out this for a great prenatal boost for your developing baby:

~ Have a healthy baby or child (with good eyesight, and straight teeth and strong bones):

~ Why do kids get eczema? There are different reasons why kids are getting eczema, but the reason I found that mine got it was because of GMO and probably glyphosate (round up pesticide) contamination. This is due to eating meat from animals that have been fed (cheap) GMO distiller grains and ‘refuse’ from industrially processed foods. I did an elimination diet because when my baby was small I could not figure out the cause of the colic and horrible rash that they were getting. I finally prayed to God to please show me what was causing this, and I was given the answer as to why my baby was getting horrible eczema. I heard it on Coast to Coast AM (which may or may not be controlled alt-media), when they interviewed a lady who has the website. The animals eat GMO’s (more like force fed) and the GMO’s are transferred to the eater of the animal. GMO foods are very toxic and researchers (in other countries) have found that rats fed on GMO grains developed massive tumors as well as liver and kidney damage (maybe this is why so many are having kidney problems?). The 50 plus page document that those insane enough to even grow GMO crops are forced to sign stipulates that they will not use the GMO grains for research, but apparently some have anyway. Who would have thought seeds could be so deadly? Recommended is “The World According to Monsanto” by Marie-Monique Robin. (also you may want to buy it on Barnes and Noble or some other site other than amazon).

~ Who really controls the NWO?  (the human side):

Dementia-Why are so many people getting it (hint: fluoride/aluminum/chemtrails/EMR)? Bees are also getting it as well! And it’s the chemtrails that are the source for much of it, at least for the bees, anyway. The bees have so much aluminum in their bee brains that it’s literally making them senile! Trees are dying, but since we can’t see if they’re getting Alzheimers, we have to go by the fact that many are dying off. Maybe taking core samples from them would help. Smart meters are helping to kill bees. Apparently it’s not working fast enough so now they’re trying to force 5G on everyone, which will cause even more illnesses, cancers and who knows what else. Mind control maybe?

~ WHY are we giving our kids poison every day? Answer, it’s fluoride, baby! Did you know that there is a reason that on the package it tells you to call a poison control center in the even that more than a ‘pea-sized’ amount is swallowed? But the mainstream media goes bonkers when anyone mentions raw milk (see the book “The Milk Book” by Dr. William Campbell III).

~ Why does modern medicine make us sicker? Read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, translated by Victor Mardsen for that answer ( also see Any books by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn MD are recommended, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”, “How to Raise a Healthy Child IN SPITE of your Doctor” and “Male Practice”.  Dr. M was one of the rare pediatricians who told the truth.

~ EMR, smart meters, cellphone and Wifi radiation- how to fight it? Research how to make TB’s, HHG’s and orgone ala Don and Carol Croft. Remember, all “new” ideas were originally denigrated and ostracized.  Also shield your dumb meter with window screening (behind it) and ground it with a copper coil wound around the meter itself.  In front put a wire mesh so it won’t over heat.  Get an RF meter to make sure there is no leakage.

5 G is also being rolled out- to continue to fry humanity and everything else out there, how fight it here.

Also read the book “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, the last chapter delves into the dangers of EMR, especially cellphone et al. Look into TB’s, HHg’s and other positive orgone generating devices you can make yourself (discovered by Don Croft). Just because an idea sounds crazy doesn’t mean it is. Try to keep an open mind and trust your instincts, ask God to guide you and do His work in you, through you.

~ The whole ‘alien’ agenda- why we are being slowly led to believe in Planet 9 from outer space: (look under the title “UFO’s and fake aliens”) and also look at on Fellowship of the Minds: The “reptilian” eye of Miley Cyrus et al.

~ Tick bites and Lyme disease, a natural solution to bacterial infections: (see my previous post on tick bites): This is just what I did, for educational purposes of course.

~ How I stopped feeling so tired and achy: I bought the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig (a renowned lipid chemist- yes there is such a thing), and besides eating a lot of fatty meat (grass finished when we can find it), cod liver oil/butter oil from Green Pastures (when we can afford it) and liver (organic only!), we also take Carotec’s ( Krill oil. It’s fantastic stuff and really works for us. I’m not being paid one red cent to recommend it, FYI.

~ How I deal with hypothyroid problems naturally– I use seaweed, bladderwrack and kombu specifically, that I get from the Maine Seaweed Company (they even take checks!). They harvest it by hand and don’t spray it with desiccants. It’s not a cure all unfortunately, but it helps me from feeling like I’ve got 10 tons of bricks on my shoulders. Plus I’m not on some expensive drugs like synthroid!