What are the ‘biggest’ threats to humans today?

(Hint: they aren’t cow farts) The biggest threats to humans today are not what the NWO controlled media keeps telling us. They aren’t  ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ or any of that rot.  The biggest threats are to our health. And, those threats are numerous. Not to be paranoid, but they’re EVERYWHERE.

Just going out in public, you have to watch for cellphone and WiFi radiation. If you travel on the roads in the summer,  you might be exposed to dead ugly looking vegetation that was sprayed with Glyphosate (AKA “round up”). Glyphosate is also sprayed on the wheat you are eating if you foolishly stop at a fast food restaurant or the grocery store to buy bread or hamburger buns.  Then you get a drink, if it’s a soda you are drinking lots of nasty corn syrup (now it’s just called ‘fructose’ to make it appear ‘natural’), phosphoric acid and ‘natural flavors’ that are mainly MSG, a neurotoxin.

You exit the store and chemtrails are coming down from the atmosphere, but you don’t see them because you can’t see particles that are nanometers in size. You get into your newer car and it’s full of toxic outgassing chemicals, maybe you have some ‘fragrance’ emitting pine tree, which also has loads of toxic chemicals to breathe in. You talk or text on your ipad or android in the car, which emits loads of radiation and since you’re inside the radiation bounces around all over the place.

Once you get to your house, you go in and turn on your flatscreen TV which emits man-made blue light which damages the eye. You then go to the kitchen and flick on the light which is an LED (also emits man-made blue light) and make yourself some TV dinner with the microwave (microwaved food causes changes in the blood indicative of pre-cancerous conditions, just look up Hans Hertle’s study of microwaved foods). You then eat a lot of  synthetic vitamins (from China!) and overly processed GMO ingredients in the TV dinner.

Then you remember you have to do laundry! So you go get the dirty clothes and put them in the washer. You add some commercial detergent (chock full of toxic synthetic fragrances of course) and push the button. Once that is done, you get some fabric softener sheets to add to the dryer load (lots of chemical fake fragrance). Hit the button and go upstairs. You have a headache so you take some synthetic drug for the pain. You go to lie down on your new (since 2005) mattress that has some nice outgassing toxic chemicals on it (labeled as ‘flame retardant’). You pull up the sheet (polyester- which is leaching chemicals into your body via you skin) and go to sleep. If you have a smart meter installed and some Wifi so you can watch Netflix on any TV in your house, you’ll be radiated for your whole sleep cycle. Of course, you can’t sleep because the Wifi actually causes you to have insomnia, so you get up and take some synthetic sleep aid.

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