Stop the smart meters in Pennsylvania! And in the USA, too!

This is not ‘safe’ technology!!

We are being bombarded by EMF (Electrical Magnetic Frequency) signals every day as it is. This would increase the exposure that every living creature by a great magnitude. This is not ‘harmless’ radiation. Even the UV rays from the Sun can be harmful if you are exposed to them too much, but smart meters are never “off” except for a power outage. They have quite a range as well, I heard 300 yards from the source! And, they are blamed for causing many sicknesses such as cancer, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), difficulty concentrating, electrical sensitivity and a host of other health problems, not to mention they can catch on fire. Isn’t that a nice thought?

I viewed a very disturbing video that interviewed Barrie Trower, a microwave weapons expert from the UK. If you watch it, it will make you want to throw your Wifi, Ipad and cellphone down the toilet! You can watch it here: Barrie Trower interview

So what can we do? Tell your neighbors, friends, strangers, squirrels you meet on the street, installation of smart meters in Pennsylvania are NOT MANDATORY. This is according to Catherine J. Frompovich’s website

One thing that not many point out is, this ‘refurbishing’ of the meters is absolutely unnecessary.  Thanks to (now former) President Barak Obama wasting billions of dollars to ‘update’ the power grid (by installing expensive radiation-emitting ‘smart’ meters), we all have another titanic health threat to contend with.


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