JP apologizes to facebook, lol!

This is SO FUNNY! I don’t know who JP was until I saw this video, but it is priceless and so funny (and true). Take a few minutes and watch it. This guy is a riot. I also use blue blockers to screen out dangerous man made blue light, especially since everyone on earth seems to want to use those infernal blue lights today.  Oh, and as  a post script, Robert F Kennedy Jr. tells how Fauci operates.

Covid and wifi and roundup oh my!

When I tell people about the dangers of any EMF source (smart meters, cellphones, WiFi) and that it can cause a rainbow of side effects including flu-like symptoms, they typically bury their head in the sand, either by ignoring me, attacking me verbally or thinking I’m silly or just a bit crazy. Or all of the above! I usually don’t even get to the fact they are like Abombs on poles. Then if I add that exposure to RoundUp (which is sprayed on most non-organic grains and sugar cane) can cause IBS and cancer (yet they are still selling it in stores, but make sure to wear your mask that doesn’t work!), or covid-1984 is more likely to get you if you ingest RoundUp and are exposed to EMR, they get all googly-eyed and imitate ostriches. The link to PBS (Pure Bull Sh*t) of course spins the news in its favor, not daring to expose the fact that farm workers are exposed to high levels of pesticides and herbicides like RoundUp! Seeing that EMR as well as RoundUp are both potential sources of cancer, and that one of the symptoms of exposure to microwaves is “flu-like symptoms“, then maybe the avoidance of all these things can help keep you healthier than the general population? I’d say definitely. Not being a vegan can help, since that is a good way to ingest lots of non-food additives and gross stuff like soy, which is a major thyroid suppressor and source of female estrogen like hormones. Not to mention that it’s not properly fermented (needs to be for a year) and most is GMO. Also soy gives guys ‘man boobs’. Buddhist monks ate soy so that they would not think of sex. Maybe that is why there is so much clamor for “Viagra”? Anyway I’m going off the initial subject, but just check out the links here to find ways to avoid EMR, most is common sense like get rid of satellite TV dishes, if you can opt out of the smart meter and go back to analog, switch to a corded land line and Ethernet, and avoid using your deathphone as much as possible. And if possible, try to stop just blindly trusting the official message especially from Bill and Mel Gates (who is an ugly man), which is usually if not always nowadays agenda driven propaganda!

they never shut up about the coronavirus- why not?

Because besides the propaganda rule that the more you repeat a lie the more people believe it is in force. Not only that but it’s also to cover up how it’s destroying businesses all over the world and making people homeless. Over a virus that isn’t worse than a normal flu. Here’s a great article about how the sheeple have been dumbed down and duped. And here is an update, Bill Gates of Hell and his she-male “wife” Melinda are seen here doing another prediction on the next pandemic perhaps they have something sneaky up their sleeves again- don’t forget Bill Gates had that  “Event 201” rehearsal for the plague he’s trying to foment on a global scale.

The Rat Society

Ah! It’s so refreshing to see our “free” country beginning to turn into a communist one. Case in point- the rat, the stool pigeon, the fink-many terms that refer to the backbone of a successful communist society and the bane of a free one  (I know, it’s a contradiction in terms, there is no such thing as a successful communist society).  Thanks to our public restroom school system, the easily duped kiddies are not just being taught to unthinkingly obey authority, they are now taught to rat out their parents and loved ones to the state via the school system.  Isn’t this something to be thankful for after Thanksgiving? Little Susie’s apparatchik teacher is just “following orders” when teech marks off Susie’s family with others who dared defy the unconstitutional ban on multi family gatherings (whatever that means) and whatever else they wanted to deem “illegal” during this flu season.  Never mind that this is illegal (if I am correct the mask/quarantine ‘laws’ violate the 9th and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution), it is fostering the bad habit of valuing the “authority”-whoever and whatever it is at the time- above all else. This is being brought in by Republicans like Vermont Governor Phil Scott,  as well as Democrats like  Oregon Governor Kate Brown who wants the cops called on gatherings of more than 6. I guess everyone is safe if it’s “6”. Why not 13?  I suppose these devil worshippers really like the number 6. And 33.  Guv Scott threatened that he had a lot of “tools” he could use in his toolbox if the virus keeps spreading. Since Gov. Scott IS a tool of the establishment, he knows what he’s talking about.  He keeps saying the tired old lies that this virus will end “soon”: quote, “But there is light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll get there,” he wrote. “The sacrifices we make today and in the next few weeks will ensure we get to the end faster, stronger and in a better position than any other state.” More pure filtered BS from another lying politician.

So take a page from what New Yorkers did when Mayor Bill Blab-meister de Blasio  tried to get them to rat on their friends and neighbors.

Things my tv taught me

(Or stuff I learned from the media) 1) We can only have an honest discussion when all news is completely censored. Any alternative views will just be dangerous to discuss. 2) Only scientists who appear on mainstream news are to be trusted. All others are quacks. NO exceptions! 3) If you heard about something from another news “source” other than the official ones, then it’s automatically a conspiracy theory. 4) Masks work! Use them 24 hours a day. Sleep, exercise, eat and drive with them on. Of course Dr. Fauci says they don’t work, which only means that they do work, unless they don’t. 5) Science as it is reported in the MSM is completely absolutely INFALLIBLE. It is the Gospel Truth. It is immutable as the Law of Gravity. Anyone who dares to question this is either a kook, dangerous or wants to give you coronavirus, or all three. 6) Bill Gates wants to help you. Even though he wants to get rid of a lot of the population using vaccines, that’s OK because he said he wants to help mankind, so he must be telling the truth because he’s on TV even though he also said on video that he wants to get rid of much of the population using vaccines. 7) NO THINKING ALLOWED. That could be dangerous (see first point, above). 8) Disregard anything that people say because unless an official “Scientist” or the TV says it, it’s totally wrong. Only the “experts” are right, all the time. Every time. Unless they aren’t, NO EXCEPTIONS! 9) People were unhealthy until we all were forced to wear masks and be socially distant. Now everyone who follows the directions is ‘safe’ even when the number of cases are going up which is reported in the MSM ad nauseam every single DAY! 10) If you trust your own opinions instead of the things the TV tells you, then you are wrong. Thinking for yourself is dangerous. Only trust the experts for everything every time. Because they don’t have hidden agendas or are bought off or bribed or threatened. That only happens with “other people”. These people are holy and blameless and trustworthy! They don’t make a cent off of this. Except Paul Offit, who owns vaccine patents. Oh and drug companies who stand to gain billions. Oh and their shareholders. But nobody else, WE PROMISE! 11) There are no hidden agendas in this massive propaganda campaign never before seen in human history. Any other theories are totally false. Do not question the narrative! 12) Unless what is going on can be explained in a 6 word sentence or less, it’s too complicated and WRONG. Only simple answers are true. 13) Logic and free thinking is DANGEROUS! If you don’t believe what the TV says, you are either stupid, ignorant or both. Only brilliant people believe what their TV tells them without thinking. 14) Vaccines work. ALL the TIME! Unless you are vaccinated and come across an unvaccinated person, then YOU the vaccinated person are AT RISK!! But otherwise they work, all the time, EVERY TIME. 15) Do not listen to your ‘inner voice’ or ‘gut instinct’. Believe the TV….believe the TV…believe the TV….(repeat every second of the day until your brain falls out) 16) Even though people are dying because they listen to the experts and eat and drink what the experts tell them and then are fat, sickly and can barely function, we are so much healthier than previous generations, even though we aren’t and more children are dying before their parents than at any time in the history of our country. 17) Only info from MSM sources are factual, any contrary stuff is just not true. 18) Remember we live in a FREE COUNTRY! Wear your mask OR ELSE!

Global censorship

So I went to to see what the Ministry of censors would do today. I first put in “plandemic”, and all I got was an “official” Wikipedia piece about the plandemic being a tinfoil hat party.

Then I put in, “global censorship of all alternative viewpoints” and got the following link:

Coronavirus Censorship: Social Media Companies Partner With WHO To Censor Info

One of the nice things about the abovementioned website is, they show a photo of the WHO’s logo. A big ol’ SNAKE that is slithering over the ‘web’ or ‘net’ on our world. Now this is not the snake that is taken from Moses’s deal with the magicians in the Old Testament. This snake is the one who is hiding before he morphs into a big ol’ RED DRAGON mentioned in Revelations. This is Satan, but of course it’s in disguise as a nice snake WHO wants to help people. Satan is the best deceiver EVER. That is how he gets well meaning people to do his bidding, all the while destroying as much as he can and getting people to head to Hell.

Censorship does not exist in a truly free society. It exists in controlled societies like China, North Korea, and every country on earth, including the USA. How can we be free with censorship? We can’t. We aren’t. It is a fallacy to think that we are living in a free country. We’re only as ‘free’ as they let us be. This plandemic is proof of that. Stop believing the official lie. Start using the brain God gave you and think! This is not about a virus that they made in a lab, it is about total control of everyone, and the illuminati having total control over us is not a good thing. Especially when their frontman is Bill Gates, an avowed eugenicist who wants to get rid of population growth using vaccines.


Bill Gates is a Eugenicist

Answer some questions for me, please.

Why is he making vaccines? From a “eugenics” is: the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics).

I doubt seriously that Gates is going for the “desirable” traits for humans, look at him, he’s butt-ugly and fugly too. And so is his she-male “wife”. I can only imagine where their children were stolen from.

So, why are our Dear Leaders giving him all this attention? Is it because Bill Gates is evil? Is it because he is part of the Rothschild connection (his daddy was connected with Jacob Rothschild and was also a lawyer for Planned Parenthood).

Why are they treating him like he’s some sort of “health authority” or doctor? He didn’t even GRADUATE COLLEGE! Maybe he was too busy partying.  Oh, and he also got arrested for driving drunk, and according to this article the cop was fired. Cops do not get fired for arresting some punk kid, unless that punk kid is connected with some serious ILL-uminati gang bangers. And in the photo he’s smiling. Obviously not worried because he’s connected. If you read the article, it seems that Gates has something against obeying rules. I wonder, is Gates wearing masks in public, if not just for the photo ops? I would guess so.

People,WAKE THE HECK UP. Tell everyone you know. Post this stuff on antisocial media. Know that Bill Gates is evil. Bill Gates wants to kill off and/or sterilize the world. The luciferians who are behind this whole plan are using their kept media to force everyone to believe in the lies. They are censoring searches (just like China) They are ruining website views. They have their propaganda machine running full tilt so that nobody questions the official narrative. The thought police have spoken. The Rothschild family (among others) are the same ones who were behind the Bolsheviks, Chairman Mao and his murder of 80 million Chinese people and other evil dictators. These people do NOT care about us, they are BRAINWASHING the entire world to accept this vaccine with no independent thinking allowed. This is 1984 and Brave New World combined together with “Dead Zone, 2003” that “predicted” this pandemic scamdemic. The illuminati are known for letting the truth slip out (on purpose) using movies.

As former CIA director William Casey said in 1981, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” If you are able to use critical thinking (most people can’t or won’t), ask yourself, now why would “they” want to make people believe that lies are truth?


Reject H.R. Bill 6666

Contact your worthless or not-worthless Congressional senator via email/letter/phone call or in person! Please DO IT! Before it is too late!

The 666 and 6 bill may as well say, “R.I.P 1776”.

So, if this passes (may God forbid it), we, the citizens of the globe are going to be tagged, bagged and screwed. “Doctor” Gates has thus commanded it!

Among their plans thanks to their fear porn plandemic are mandatory vaccinations (courtesy of Eugenics and vaccine pusher Bill Gates) and forcing children and everyone else to get “invisible” tattoos to prove they’ve been poisoned/vaccinated. Awhile back, Gates Of Hell was advocating for everyone to be registered in order to be online. And seeing as the Gates Foundation was investigated for allegedly causing sterility from the tetanus vaccine in Africa via an anti-fertility drug, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), I can’t imagine they would suddenly become honest and not pull that on the entire globe. They’re just following orders folks- from the Georgia Guidestones.  Since one of the “commandments” is to keep the global population at 500 million, seems that vaccines are a great way to do that. Add to the fact that the devil is the best deceiver out there, I’m sure the luciferians who are behind this whole thing want the total global population to be ZERO. But, 500 million sounds better than zero.

Here are the details I got from the Weston A Price foundation:

Reasonable people can disagree — as scientists do – about the level of threat posed by the coronavirus and the appropriate responses.  But we should all be able to agree that violating people’s fundamental civil rights is wrong.

Congress is considering a bill that threatens just that, unfortunately.  H.R. 6666 is a short, innocuous-seeming bill to support testing and contact tracing for the coronavirus.  But even aside from its huge price tag of $100 BILLION just in 2020 (and additional future appropriations), the real problem is what it does NOT address: protecting civil rights while doing these things, especially since it also covers quarantining people.

Will the government and private entities who are being paid from grants under this bill:

  • Force people to be tested (which involves taking samples invasively and possibly painfully from the very back of one’s sinuses)?
  • Impose severe quarantine measures when less restrictive options would be sufficient to protect the public?
  • Require people to leave their homes if they live with people who do not test positive?
  • Mandate vaccination, once one is available, even if the person has medical, philosophical, or religious reasons to refuse?

While the last question is still in the future, the first three are very immediate.

For example, Ventura County officials recently created an uproar by discussing their tracing program, which included removing people from their homes’ if they had only one bathroom.  The director of the county health program stated in a press briefing: “For instance, if they live in a home where there is only one bathroom and there are three or four other people living there and those people don’t have COVID infection, we’re not going to be able to keep the person in that home.  Every person we’re isolating, for instance, needs to have their own bathroom.  So, we’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing that we have available.”

In response to a public outcry, the County later backtracked, saying that people would be offered the choice to have alternative housing, but would not be forced. But the simple fact that this was even considered is deeply disturbing – and reinforces that we need the government to address civil rights protections now!

Fear of a disease must not lead to knee-jerk reactions that violate people’s right to their bodily integrity, health choice, or right to choose where they live.

Please help stop H.R. 6666 now!


1) Contact your U.S. Representative and Senators and urge them to OPPOSE H. R. 6666.

You can look up who represents you at:

Be sure to explain why this issue is important to you. You may wish to use a couple of the talking points below. Don’t copy all of them – just use them as ideas to help structure your own message.

“Hi, my name is _____ and I’m from [city/town].  I am calling to urge Representative/Senator ______ to protect individual civil rights and vote no on H.R. 6666.

This resolution would give money to numerous government and private entities to conduct testing, tracing, and quarantining of people. Yet while funding these activities with $100 Billion of taxpayer money, it provides no protections for people’s civil rights.

As a constituent, I urge Representative/Senator ­­_____ to vote no on H.R. 6666 unless it is amended to require all entities that receive funds to:

  • Respect individuals’ right to refuse medical treatment or procedures, including refusing testing, participation in experimental procedures or protocols, and vaccination.
  • Limit any quarantine measures to the least restrictive means possible and provide due process protections.
  • Protect the right of an individual who is quarantined to remain in their home, live with consenting family or household members at all times, and utilize the treatments of their choice for their recovery.

Thank you.”

Talking Points:

Keep your call or email short!  Pick the 2 or 3 talking points that are most important to you, and be sure to explain why this issue matters to you personally.

  1. Testing has been incredibly flawed for COVID-19, with reports of both false positives and false negatives.  It is likely that false positives could be used to remove people from their homes or deny them access to public places including work and transportation.
  • People who are already in their own environment are not putting others in danger.  We do not need a resolution that funds numerous government and private entities, who may abuse their power by removing our family members.  We have seen this behavior in other parts of the world, and we need to ensure that no overzealous official decides to follow examples such as China, where people were forcibly removed from their homes and placed into quarantine camps.
  • H.R. 6666 vaguely states that the resolution could be used for testing and tracing and “for other purposes.”  This type of language is dangerously overbroad and open to abuse.
  • Such monitoring would likely be used to prevent those who do not vaccinate (if a vaccine becomes available) from participating in many aspects of society, including travel, work and school.


Read the bill here:

Some disturbing articles about the plans for mass vaccination:

Bill Gates: Life won’t go back to ‘normal’ until population ‘widely vaccinated’ –

COVID-19 scare leads to more digital surveillance, talk of mandatory vaccine ‘tattoos’ for kids’ –



Trust in Christ, He is our shield! Ephesians 6:16

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