H.A.A.R.P and the Book of Revelations

I was re-reading the book, “HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry E. Smith, and I noticed something. If you read the New Testament Bible, the last chapter “Revelations” by the Apostle John, and then you read this book by Jerry Smith, you can see a parallel between some things. Specifically, in Revelations (13:13), it says that the Antichrist will be able to use satanic powers to ‘call down fire from heaven’, just as Elijah did in the Old Testament. In the book about HAARP, one of the thing it’s capable of is manipulating the ionosphere and the weather. Some of the EMR can disable the ionosphere and the other layers of our atmosphere, making Earth and everything living on it vulnerable to cosmic radiation and the sun’s UV rays. Think crispy critters even if you are IN your house!

Among other things, HAARP is able to create earthquakes, which the book says may have been done already in China and other places in the world. When HAARP did this, it was about 4 AM. Moments before a monstrous earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people, the sky lit up white and red, strangely enough plants were burned on one side. Seems they did something to the atmosphere and used HAARP to do it. In the New Testament, Revelations says that before Antichrist comes to power, there will be a great earthquake. Is this one of the prophecies that will be fulfilled by HAARP? Is it any wonder why they used that particular acronym? It also mentions parts of the earth being ‘burnt up’. It appears this is what HAARP is capable of if it destroys the protective atmospheric layers.

Just before the huge earthquake in Haiti, I was awake that night. We didn’t have curtains in the window I was looking out of. It was past 2 AM and I saw bright flashes of light in the sky. Now, keep in mind this was in FEBRUARY, and it was winter in the northern hemisphere. We never have lightning in winter. Soon after that, snow began to fall. And fall and fall. We ended up getting 2 feet of snow (which is not typical) and Haiti got a giant earthquake. Reading Jerry E. Smith’s book made me realize that those flashes of light were not ‘heat lightning’- not during winter, that’s for dang sure.




Is going vegan a healthy choice?

Do you want the short answer or the long answer? The short answer is NO. Being a strict vegan is not a good idea, it will not make you healthier, no matter what the politically correct and lying controlled government/media tells you. If you want the long answer you will need to look into ancient history and also keep reading. There are many lies and half-truths out there. Simply said, if you want to be healthy, do NOT follow the typical vegan or vegetarian diets. Dr. Weston A. Price searched the globe looking for healthy people’s that survived solely on plant foods. The key word here is ‘healthy‘! He did find some that survived on mostly plant foods, but even the most ‘vegan’ of them ate bugs. B.U.G.S. Creepy crawlies. Many times it was due to their harvesting methods- the bugs got into the foods by accident.

Any primitive peoples who were able to always ate the meat with the fat, and organ meats. They tried to get the most animal fat that they could find. Why? Because animal fats protect your body from many things including cancer. Wondering why cancer rates have climbed so high in the last 50 years? That is one reason.

Veganism is just about THE most unhealthy of dietary choices, except maybe a 100 percent fast food diet, and even then its up for debate. Our teeth are made for eating vegetable AND animal products. That’s why we have pointy canine teeth. We are ‘predators’, our eyes are not stuck on the side of our heads like cows and rabbits who ARE vegetarians and don’t hunt their food. Our eyes face forward like dogs, cats and other mammal predators that eat other animals. If you want to go vegan, that’s your choice. Oh, but don’t think you are ‘saving the planet’, just read the book “The World According to Monsanto” by Marie-Monique Robin. If you think ‘saving the planet’ means eating boatloads of soybeans from fields that contaminate everything they are near, think again.

Keep this in mind– some vegetarian animals do something that human vegans probably don’t do (at least I sure hope they don’t!). Rabbits, after they eat, poop out these black nuggets. And guess what? They then EAT THEM. Cows and many other ruminant vegetarians with compartmentalized stomachs throw up their food (regurgitate it) and then chew it a bunch before swallowing it again. If you want to be a real “vegan” animal, then why aren’t you doing that? Even vegetarian animals have a hard time digesting all the cellulose of plant matter.

Long term vegetarians and vegans eventually suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They also many times get IBS, caries (cavities), anemia and can go crazy thanks to B-12 deficiencies. It is impossible to get B-12 from plant foods, even if they have B-12 in them. And, if you have to get a shot of B-12, they derive the shot from animal sources. They also rely on soy foods for their ‘protein’, which carries with it a host of problems on it’s own (aluminum contamination, GMO sprayed with glyphosate, depresses thyroid function, it monkeys with children’s hormone levels- that is bad by the way, etc).

So, before you just believe the advice of some famous ‘expert’ in nutrition, please do your research.

The Danger of Block Chain

People need to wake up and smell the napalm. We are being collectively herded into a ‘total control’ type situation. This applies even more to those of you who are unfortunate enough to live in a city. What does ‘city’ rhyme with? Sh*tty! I lived in a city for a few years, and it was indeed sh*tty. Sure, there were some perks like being able to walk most anywhere (while having to dodge cars that were ready willing and able to mow us down when using a cross walk! I never had that problem when jaywalking, but of course the cops will ticket you if you do that….). Some girl I worked with got her foot run over and the driver yelled at her to get out of the way!

Who could forget the wonderful feeling of having the house broken into (and the SUPREME insult of having your closet opened and NO clothes stolen!)? Oh, and the losers who had fun shooting off fireworks at 2 AM. Ah, and the trip down memory lane wouldn’t be complete without reminiscing about the drunk boyfriend of a neighbor who would let their dog off the leash at 3 AM (after the fireworks were over with) and start screaming “WINNIE! WINNIE! GET YER ***** BACK HERE” over and over again.  Oh, and lest I forget, trudging to work and the wonderful smell of pollution every day, mmmmmm…..diesel exhaust….inhale deeply of the wonderful morning misty stench of incinerating medical waste wafting from the university hospital…..aaaaaahhhhhh.

Anyway people, I just read about this horror of horrors called block chain. It’s being touted as super duper safe and un-hackable way to keep data safe. Safe. That’s the buzzword. And it stings too. The truth about it is, it’s really a CHAIN. Like as in chain around YOU. They’re putting them in Porsches right now, using the lies/guise of ‘safety’ and ‘convenience’ to con those innocent, trusting souls out there who have a myopic vision of the future.

Safety is a padded cell. Convenience is a signpost pointing the way to hell.  All of you who are actually wanting to BUY this CRAP are the ones who are helping to sell our souls into the ‘chains’ of tyranny and total control. Stop buying this junk! That is one of the FASTEST ways to stop this automated world of pure control and HELL the Council and other elites want to foist on you and your children.

Look beyond the perky language and slick slogans they’re generating from ad companies. Look at reality! If all this automated car crap is stuck on us, and they want it to be, because they want to control you and everyone else on the planet, it will destroy freedoms completely. Don’t forget the “mark of the Beast”, (Revelation 13:16-18) this isn’t a fairy tale. This is bitcoin (or as I like to call it- sh*t coin) and digital currency. It’s going ‘cashless’ and along with it brainless because you won’t have to worry about counting real money (sure it’s paper but still it’s more secure than online banking!). And you’ll end up spending more, plunging into the pit of debt.

Just search about online via duckduckgo.com  (please stop using Google since they’re part of the program too, same with amazon and fartbook and all these ‘popular’ social media lunk head sites. Do you really think they became popular by accident or just because of the ‘talent’ behind them? Nooooooooo!) For the real truth and if you can handle it I suggest you read Juri Lina’s brilliant analysis of it (and also Henry Makow’s site henrymakow.com), “Architects of Deception”. The book that has been banned in countries is called “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is another good one. It’s relevant for today’s society because they have implemented most of the things that have been written in that book already, even though it was written in the early 20th century. I recommend visiting Dr. Makow’s website, it’s really informative. And, as far as I can tell it’s not the controlled “alt-media”.

So to sum up, stop online banking, stop buying ‘smart’ cars or going for anything ‘smart’, because it’s just going to make you STUPIDER (yes I know “stupider” is not a word, it’s my attempt at making a funny.
Start using cash, checks and go INTO stores, stop shopping online all the time. Patronize small businesses that are not global behemoths like Amazon and Whole Foods (who donated money to stop the GMO labeling laws in California while at the same time giving lip service to wanting to sell ‘organics’), oh that’s right Whole foods just got bought by Amazon. Whoops. Also avoid Wally world like the plague it is, they’re the ones who started the blizzard of cheap Chinese crap being sold in the USA and undermined manufacturing. Plus they treat their employees like slaves. They even took out life insurance policies on them (unbeknownst to the employees). Start buying older cars that do not have all the computer system mumbo jumbo stuff that is set to break down on you after so many years (look up “planned obsolescence”). Pre OBD 1 is choice (before computers), before your car was configured to ‘rat’ on you. Also avoid ONSTAR set ups, because they eaves drop. Someone we knew said they and their grandson were chatting, and the grandson was talking about the WTC planes and said “9 eleven”, and a voice suddenly comes on and asks them if they need help- a live voice.  Even though older cars do have issues and need repairs, at least you aren’t being hooked into monthly payments, forced to have full coverage insurance and all that fun stuff.

Stop going for “smart”, which is just a lame psy-ops for hooking you into the dumb-down effect.

Resource page on health issues

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite awhile. This is not an exhaustive list, but only something that might help you. This information has helped me immensely. As with everything in life, go with your “inner guidance”, “small voice” or “gut instinct” when deciding on any course of action.  This is being “built” and is not complete (yet) so check back occasionally. If you’re lucky I’ll even put it in alphabetical order! 🙂

~ Cure tooth decay (yes it truly is possible!) http://www.curetoothdecay.com/ also check out this for a great prenatal boost for your developing baby: http://www.greenpasture.org/public/home/

~ Have a healthy baby or child (with good eyesight, and straight teeth and strong bones): https://www.westonaprice.org/

~ Why do kids get eczema? There are different reasons why kids are getting eczema, but the reason I found that mine got it was because of GMO and probably glyphosate (round up pesticide) contamination. This is due to eating meat from animals that have been fed (cheap) GMO distiller grains and ‘refuse’ from industrially processed foods. I did an elimination diet because when my baby was small I could not figure out the cause of the colic and horrible rash that they were getting. I finally prayed to God to please show me what was causing this, and I was given the answer as to why my baby was getting horrible eczema. I heard it on Coast to Coast AM (which may or may not be controlled alt-media), when they interviewed a lady who has the farmwars.info website. The animals eat GMO’s (more like force fed) and the GMO’s are transferred to the eater of the animal. GMO foods are very toxic and researchers (in other countries) have found that rats fed on GMO grains developed massive tumors as well as liver and kidney damage (maybe this is why so many are having kidney problems?). The 50 plus page document that those insane enough to even grow GMO crops are forced to sign stipulates that they will not use the GMO grains for research, but apparently some have anyway. Who would have thought seeds could be so deadly? Recommended is “The World According to Monsanto” by Marie-Monique Robin. (also you may want to buy it on Barnes and Noble or some other site other than amazon).

~ Who really controls the NWO?  (the human side): https://www.henrymakow.com/

Dementia-Why are so many people getting it (hint: fluoride/aluminum/chemtrails/EMR)? https://www.aircrap.org/ Bees are also getting it as well! And it’s the chemtrails that are the source for much of it, at least for the bees, anyway. The bees have so much aluminum in their bee brains that it’s literally making them senile! Trees are dying, but since we can’t see if they’re getting Alzheimers, we have to go by the fact that many are dying off. Maybe taking core samples from them would help. Smart meters are helping to kill bees. Apparently it’s not working fast enough so now they’re trying to force 5G on everyone, which will cause even more illnesses, cancers and who knows what else. Mind control maybe?

~ WHY are we giving our kids poison every day? Answer, it’s fluoride, baby! Did you know that there is a reason that on the package it tells you to call a poison control center in the even that more than a ‘pea-sized’ amount is swallowed? But the mainstream media goes bonkers when anyone mentions raw milk (see the book “The Milk Book” by Dr. William Campbell III).

~ Why does modern medicine make us sicker? Read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, translated by Victor Mardsen for that answer ( also see HenryMakow.com). Any books by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn MD are recommended, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”, “How to Raise a Healthy Child IN SPITE of your Doctor” and “Male Practice”.  Dr. M was one of the rare pediatricians who told the truth.

~ EMR, smart meters, cellphone and Wifi radiation- how to fight it? Research how to make TB’s, HHG’s and orgone ala Don and Carol Croft. Remember, all “new” ideas were originally denigrated and ostracized.  Also shield your dumb meter with window screening (behind it) and ground it with a copper coil wound around the meter itself.  In front put a wire mesh so it won’t over heat. https://stopsmartmeters.org/  Get an RF meter to make sure there is no leakage.

5 G is also being rolled out- to continue to fry humanity and everything else out there, how fight it here.

Also read the book “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, the last chapter delves into the dangers of EMR, especially cellphone et al. Look into TB’s, HHg’s and other positive orgone generating devices you can make yourself (discovered by Don Croft). Just because an idea sounds crazy doesn’t mean it is. Try to keep an open mind and trust your instincts, ask God to guide you and do His work in you, through you.

~ The whole ‘alien’ agenda- why we are being slowly led to believe in Planet 9 from outer space: http://redefininggod.com/ (look under the title “UFO’s and fake aliens”) and also look at on Fellowship of the Minds: The “reptilian” eye of Miley Cyrus et al.

~ Tick bites and Lyme disease, a natural solution to bacterial infections: (see my previous post on tick bites): This is just what I did, for educational purposes of course.

~ How I stopped feeling so tired and achy: I bought the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig (a renowned lipid chemist- yes there is such a thing), and besides eating a lot of fatty meat (grass finished when we can find it), cod liver oil/butter oil from Green Pastures (when we can afford it) and liver (organic only!), we also take Carotec’s (carotec.com)Neptune Krill oil. It’s fantastic stuff and really works for us. I’m not being paid one red cent to recommend it, FYI.

~ How I deal with hypothyroid problems naturally– I use seaweed, bladderwrack and kombu specifically, that I get from the Maine Seaweed Company (they even take checks!). They harvest it by hand and don’t spray it with desiccants. It’s not a cure all unfortunately, but it helps me from feeling like I’ve got 10 tons of bricks on my shoulders. Plus I’m not on some expensive drugs like synthroid!

Moss, Lichens and Chemtrails

When I was growing up many years ago, we didn’t have moss and lichens and green algae growing all over the place. It was not on trees, even very old trees. We had an old elm in our front yard that had to have been 40 years old and it didn’t have one bit of it. Now it’s all over everything! The photo is of a painted fence that has lichens growing on it. This is not normal! Chemtrails are very acidic due to the aluminum particles they’ve been spraying. This most likely causes the surfaces to have a lower pH, which encourages these acid loving lichens to grow.

Maybe some of the people who are worried about the environment should stop focusing on non-issues like man made “climate change” (it is man made, but you have to know about HAARP and chemtrail spraying to see the real truth of the matter) and look into the real and daily secret destruction of our environment, such as:
1) introduced species of insects that are decimating many native trees

2) plastics that are being dumped into the oceans and choking marine life

3) chemtrails- poisoning humanity, bees, wildlife and the earth

4) dumping and spraying of highly toxic glyphosate on the sides of highways, in forests ponds and lakes

5) dangerous wifi, smart phones, smart meters and other EMF emitting devices that can cause cancer.

Now, if those problems were addressed then maybe people would realize the real reason that everyone seems to be getting sicker.

Why Wifi is dangerous.

Basically all “wireless” transmission of EMF is not healthy.  But, carrying your cellphone in your pocket messes with your entire body. In 2017 there was a small study done by researchers (this was reported in a Weston A. Price quarterly journal) that showed just having the phone in your pocket or backpack disturbs your red blood cells. Using live blood microscopy, they found a “roleaux” pattern. This means the red blood cells were clumping into a ‘rope’ type configuration. When the cellphone was being used, there was a different pattern to the blood cells. Instead of clumping together, the blood cells looked more like eggs frying in a pan. The edges of the blood cells were “frazzled” looking instead of well defined.

In the 1980’s, you could find research articles about the dangers of wireless power. In the book, “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert O. Becker, he talks about the danger of wireless phone technology on the human body, which back then was not prevalent. Today, you will have a hard time finding real research, mostly because wireless communication companies don’t want to fund research that shows their products may cause cancer and other health problems.  Wireless power is basically microwave radiation. With microwave ovens (which should never ever be use) they are shielded. This isn’t just to keep the microwaves in, bouncing all over the place to “cook” the food. It’s also to keep the waves from hitting humans and making them get sick or burned. Now, if this is what microwaves do to your breakfast burrito, what do you think happens when you’re in your metal and glass car and talk on your cellphone? The waves bounce all over your car (and go through you too, especially your brain and reproductive organs).  It’s like riding in a microwave.

If you want to hear what one of the experts has to say about EMR from wifi and other sources, research Barrie Trower. He was in the Royal Navy as a microwave weapons expert.

I’ve told everyone I know (that has a cellphone or Ipad) about the dangers, but without exception they all still use them! I cringe when I see pregnant women walking around with them, or even worse, letting their toddlers have them to play with.

So, please if you can, get rid of your cellphone or Ipad. Don’t give them to your kids!

Explaining the climate change

Climate change 101

Okay folks. Today we will learn the secrets of climate change. Actually, there are no secrets about it, but you must dig for the real information, not the lies perpetuated by our oh-so-trusted government controlled propaganda arm, A.K.A. “The News Media”.

First we must learn a few things about ‘climate change’ that the so-called unbiased news media won’t ever tell you about. First, the climate changes. All the time. It’s called “mother nature”.  They sort of tell you that, but they want you to think that cow belches, cow farts and people breathing (and farting) is what is changing the climate- C02 and methane. If you go into a room and fart and burp, what happens? It stinks! And people leave the room. Now, if you have a bunch of people in a room, all burping and farting and breathing, what happens? If it’s a small room, it gets hotter. So, then you open the doors and let the heat out. Does that make the outside temperature go up? No. The heat rises!! Did you know that outer space is very cold? Yes, it’s true! And, do you know that heat rises? Yes. So, eventually if there is any heat, it goes up through the atmosphere and goes into space. Actually, the reason the earth gets warm is called the SUN. Sunspot activity influences the heating or cooling of the earth a lot. There was a time of almost no sunspot activity for a period of about 70 years. They called that time a ‘mini ice age’. The earth cooled down a lot! There was also another time when the volcano Krakatowa erupted and spewed a lot of volcanic ash into the atmosphere. It cooled down the ENTIRE earth so much that places had winter instead of summer. This caused it to be very cold for years afterward. In fact, they claim that the reason that Stradivarius violins had such great sound was due to the very close grain of the wood harvested to make them (due to the very cold winters and summers, which made the wood barely grow and be very dense).

Now. Here is one of the things the mainstream media (our bastion of unbiased truth- did you catch my sarcasm?) won’t say anything about. Ready? CHEMTRAILS. Yep. These nasty billowing clouds of filth and nanoparticles are being spewed constantly around the globe. Except maybe in Washington D.C. where the politicians let out enough smog from their own mouths to cover the chemtrail activity. Any time the sun is going to make things blessedly warmer, the chemtrail planes come out and spew their filth across the sky. Most people seem to be so engrossed with their cellphones and dumbpads that they scarcely notice the rest of the world, let alone what is happening above them.  So, they spew this stuff everywhere and it makes everything colder (and more acidic too- have you noticed the green stuff growing on siding and vehicles and moss growing all over trees?). Actually the world seems to be getting colder! We live in zone 6. Yet again, we had a very very late frost this spring, about a month after our usual frost date of April 22nd, it was late May. And, we had a very cold summer, with lows at night in the 50’s in AUGUST! This is not ‘global warming’! We already had a heavy frost in early October and the news people barely mentioned it. They only mention when it’s going to be warmer, like it’s some BIG deal. It’s not! Pure propaganda. Furthering the myth. If you want to get a better look at what is going on, I suggest buying the current “Farmer’s Almanac”. They seem to know more about weather forecasts than NOAA does. Especially since it seems the FA isn’t political- yet.

Now, you may wonder, why are they making the earth colder and saying it’s ‘climate change’? Good question. It could be a number of things. At first in the 90’s they were saying that it was global warming. Now they’re saying it is climate change. They only pull out the term ‘global warming’ if we’re going to have a warm day in the summer or fall or winter (winters BC-before cars actually had some warm days, even in February in temperate climates). They need to use the term ‘climate change’ to explain why it’s actually getting colder. Except for a few places that typically have warm weather, like the Sahara desert. When the government set up HAARP and other weather influencing technologies, they then had tools to actually change weather patterns. Chemtrail planes (formerly known as cloud seeding) are also part of this geo-engineering. People have an annoying psychological habit of believing those in authority, and believing the first thing they hear from said authority. And, they seem to think (though less and less) that the TV news is an authority. So, when the TV shows a falsehood (like the building collapsing due to a controlled demolition), and the opposite of truth is presented (that some how planes make them fall perfectly- never mind where you could see some of the charges going off prematurely, and just try to explain Building 7 to me), they cling to the falsehood because the authority TOLD THEM what they were seeing. The same thing happened in Shanksville. There is no way on God’s green earth that a giant plane could crash into the ground and not have any wreckage visible on the surface. HOW did the wings fit into the hole in the ground? Simple. There was no plane that hit, it was a missile. Just look at any other plane crashes anywhere OTHER than Shanksville- you will see gobs and gobs of garbage and stuff strewn all over the place! It’ll look like some hillbillies back yard! It’s more like mass hypnosis. Or mob mentality. People see everyone else saying it’s ‘true’, so they go along with it. After my digression, the question to ask is, WHY is the mass media ignoring the chemtrail planes? Easy. Because the forces behind the chemtrail planes are also behind the whole liberty-stealing ‘terror-ist attacks’ of 9 eleven. And, who is behind the whole kit and caboodle? Easy. The Freemasons. That’s another idea for another day. I urge you to read about freemasonry on Henry Makow’s website: https://www.henrymakow.com. Absolutely enlightening, unlike the usual news.

Okay still with me? Hope you are because here is where it gets weird. Historically, those behind the power (the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and those behind them) have always wanted to control the world. One of the ways they wanted to do this was with their wet dream called a ‘global tax’. The journalist Gary Allen wrote about this in his book “The Rockefeller File”. I recommend getting this book if you can. One thing he talked about in it was the 1970’s and ’80’s and the hysteria surrounding something called ‘peak oil’. In it he said the mass media (controlled back then, but not as badly as today) were writing articles about how the world will go hungry and industry will grind to a halt because we all wasted “fossil fuels” and we have to DO something to stop using them or we’ll all starve! Of course, that never happened, in fact we didn’t run out like they predicted we would by the year 2000.  They wanted to create a global tax back then, but they couldn’t. Fast forward to today, and you’ll notice the socialist newspapers writing articles about ‘climate change’ and how we need a carbon tax. The translation is, it’s a global tax! This explains why this climate change crap is so politicized. People never say just HOW this ‘global tax’, er excuse me, ‘carbon tax’ is going to ‘solve’ so called climate change. Climate change is man made- you can bet on that- but it’s the elite globalists who are behind HAARP, chemtrails and weapons that are steering these changes. How would a global tax work? Easy. It would take your hard earned dollars and put them into the pockets of the richest and most corrupt people on earth- Rockefellers, Soros, Rothschilds and other people you have never ever heard of. They are doing this to help destroy any remaining wealth. They want everyone dumb, dirt poor and with no will or resources to fight them. They also want a ‘one world religion’ too, just look up the Georgia Guidestones.

So, we now see the motive behind this climate change myth. Another thing to ask these climate changers is why aren’t they concerned with the REAL environmental problems? Not only chemtrails (ever wonder who owns chemtrails.com?) and the toxins they are spewing which can range from barium, aluminum, white blood cells and DNA, but glyphosate that private citizens, local and state governments are spraying with impunity on trees and roads- not to mention coating wheat and other grains in order to brown them (see Carotec.com’s newsletter about glyphosate sprayed grains possibly causing “celiac disease”) and dumping glyphosate into lakes to destroy invasive plants. Glyphosate is not safe. And, what about the plastic pollution in the oceans and the marine life that is consuming it? What about detergent/chemical companies and the nasty detergents they sell which are scented with sick smelling artificial chemicals to cover up the stench of petrochemicals used in their products? Just think of where this concoction goes after it’s slipped down the drain. Multiply that by how many people do laundry any day. Why aren’t they looking at the invasive insects that are killing off so many trees? The government doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything to get rid of any of these gross and destructive bugs. You barely hear them mentioned! Then there are the synthetic toxins in ‘flame retardant’  children’s clothing and bedding. Bedding that is flame ‘resistant’ was mandated by our beloved federal government (along with 1.5 gallon flush toilets that don’t work well and eye hurting CFL bulbs) which is here to poison- I mean protect us all from the rare flaming mattress. Of course having a mattress soaked in toxic chemicals may be causing health problems, but hey! At least we won’t turn into a crispy critter. Speaking of toxins, also ask them why they aren’t rallying against the federal push for smart meters? Smart meters are a source of very bad radiation, not only for humans but every living creature. Just look up (try not to use google try duckduckgo.com instead) Barrie Trower, he’s a microwave weapons expert. He knows of what he speaks. And, why aren’t they fighting against GMO’s? Read “The World According to Monsanto” and you will see how bloody awful the GMO crops are for bees (they DIE after pollinating GMO crops- animals die after eating them- hmm what happens to humans?) and the ecology of the surrounding lands. GMO soy and canola plants are escaping from their farms. This all amounts to global poisoning. And we should be running around waving our hands in the air, terrified of farts and burps!